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HDA Culture 在山文化艺术有限公司  前身为中央美术学院数字图像研究中心。1999年创立,2004年正式注册成立,是集文化艺术投资、艺术教育、活动策展、艺术交流、收藏级艺术品复制等于一体的知识产业公司,公司位于北京朝阳区酒厂国际艺术园区。公司本着“诚信为本、质量取胜”的原则,旨在为中外博物馆、中国最优秀的艺术家和摄影师制作博物馆级、具有收藏价值的有限版本印画,多年来以数字图像技术为核心,与全国美术馆、博物馆及国内著名艺术家、收藏家合作。完成包括中国古代书画、书法,中国近现代书画、中国油画等艺术品收藏级复制项目。经过多年的运营,积累了相当的艺术品复制、推广、销售的经验及人脉网络。通过十几年的不断进取发展,成为行业佼佼者,为广大收藏爱好者制作提供高品质收藏级艺术衍生品,为艺术爱好者提供文化艺术交流平台。在合作方面,以“协作、共生、共赢”为理念,共同成长。优质、可靠的艺术产品赢得了众多企业合作者的信赖和好评,在业界逐步建立起公司良好口碑。

Initially established as the predecessor of the Digital Image Research Center of Central Academy of Fine Art (CAFA), HDA Culture was opened in 1999 and formally incorporated in 2004 afterwards.   We are committed to develop intellectual industry, dedicating to fine art investment, education, curation, communication and reproduction of artworks. With the principal of “Essence of Honesty, Win by High Quality” and our veteran expertise, we’ve accomplished abundant of reproduction tasks for artworks, which varies from ancient paintings and calligraphies to contemporary oil paintings. Along with over 10-year development steadily, we’ve extended our social networks broadly, won our reputation undoubtedly and accumulated our pinpoint technique solidly.  Our clients are museums, galleries, auction house, artists, painters, photographers, collectors home and abroad. HDA culture is now a leading company in the industry.

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