HDA Culture 在山文化艺术有限公司   始终以数字图像技术的研究及应用为核心业务方向。通过多年的经营,发展出版画复制、设计服务、版权代理及作品销售四大业务板块。 可以为艺术作品的展览策划、执行以及艺术衍生物开发提供全方位解决方案。

HDA Culture has been adhering to the research and application of Digital Image Technology since its opening. Along with many years of operation, it has been developed 4 business modules: Digital Reproduction of Artworks, Design Service, Copyright Agency and Sales of Artworks.  In addition, HDA Culture does provide integrated solutions for exhibition planning, execution and art derivatives.  

HDA Culture has been adhering to the research and application of Digital Image Technology since its opening. Along with many years of operation, it has been developed 4 business modules: Digital Reproduction of Artworks, Design Service, Copyright Agency and Sales of Artworks. In addition, HDA Culture does provide integrated solutions for exhibiton planning, execution and art derivatives.

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